Lipton Ice Tea Made A Refreshing Splash With Its Clever Content Digital Marketing Strategy

This is a recent digital campaign from Lipton Ice Tea India which I came across and enjoyed thoroughly. With chilled ice tea recipes, pranks, tricks and more forming a majority of the visuals, gifs and videos shared on the brand’s social media platforms, this summer.


They embraced the season of summer in their campaign under #100DaysOfSummer.  Being the first brand to launch a campaign with the theme of summer for the whole season within the digital sphere, Lipton established itself as the ultimate therapy for heat.


#100DaysOfSummer was clearly massive on content. Lipton Ice Tea crafted an interesting content strategy to impress us digital users. Teaming up with a comedian called Jose, a magician called Neel and a recipe maker called Shailarna has ensured an interesting and relevant mix of visuals, gifs and videos and fun activities while staying true to their ‘refreshing’ proposition. Their social media channels contained a creative feed of short brand stories that still stuck to the summer theme.

Beverage for thought

The social angle of refreshing traffic cops in one of the Worlds most congested cities with chilled Ice Tea ensured the brand had won over digital audiences.

The video filmed traffic police conducting their duties with the load constant noise of horns without complaining. The video explains how 6250 traffic cops battle the traffic and heat against 15,000,000 vehicles in the capital city through the brutal temperature of 40 degrees.

As one of the traffic cops explains “Everyone feels the heat, but it’s our duty so it has to be done”. The offering of a cool refreshing Lipton ice tea puts a smile on the faces of the hard-working traffic police in New Delhi and NCR. The video then ends with the statement “THIS SUMMER REFRESH SMILES WITH LIPTON ICE TEA”.

This video on YouTube has nearly 2 million views with a lot of positive responses and comments from people who really like the video and a majority of thumbs up.

But the other videos have a very low amount of views on YouTube which is most likely down to them not being spread as much as the main video. But what’s surprising to me is that the videos and have more dislikes the likes. This could be due to Lipton doing too much and having too much content and videos.

Core message

Lipton introduced something different by dragging a campaign under one hashtag for an entire season, compared to putting a campaign out in parts. This aided the campaign to stand apart and create a firm hold on their audience thus making Lipton Ice Tea a well-known and popular beverage within social media.

Also with this campaign the brand showcased its sensitivity and responsibility towards society by not only spreading a good message but performing it themselves. Lipton Ice Tea’s #100DaysOfSummer indeed resulted in a strong brand message over the summer, as well as impressing social media savvy generation who do not tend to buy into ads!