jgjg.pngSnapchat is one of the most popular social media apps being used today with 150 million daily active users worldwide. One of the main problems for the app was that it wasn’t making much revenue. Then they mastered advertising with the creation of their discover feature and this brought about a whole new world of advertising that challenges marketers and makes it worthwhile for costumers as the advertisements must be very entertaining. I really think this has brought a whole new form of digital advertising.

With Snapchat users not only have the choice to leave an advert if they are not entertained but they also the choice to enter the advert in the first place.

The reason why this is so important is that viewers are in the driving seat. They decide to turn on the ad and more importantly they can decide to switch it off if it does not provide what they want or entertain them. Digital Marketers must be very creative.
ghjgy.pngUnder Armour had a very creative game for Snapchat. It starred NFL player Cam Newton and had users playing as the NFL star instead of watching. With this Under Armour are showing the power of footwork and the power of the products they create around them. When you have finished playing the game, you are able to take a snap of your score and send that to your friends. This to me is brilliant and when your friends see your score they can click on the snap and launch the game themselves

20th Century Fox were the first to avail of Snapchat’s lens “takeover” they bought Snapchat’s lenses line up for the day of May 23 2016. With this Users could apply the pictures and videos of their favourite X-Men characters to their Snaps. For me this is truly the way to go for a brand or firm to make people aware of their product or service.


Another reason why Snapchat is so relevant is that a brand can get real one on one engagement. For other social media networks, it’s almost impossible to do this. But Snapchat enables you to send content directly to your individual followers. As long as they are following you, you as a business have the power to send messages directly to them.

You can send them whatever you think works, and if it goes down well you can build a deeply personal relationship with someone. It can turn them into a loyal customer faster than ever before. For example if you have a loyal follower who has made regular purchases from you, you may decide to send them a personalized video thanking them for their support.

Also with Snapchat its possible to give people what they want which is behind the scenes access, subscribers/followers can be sent behind the scenes footage of a new product/ clothing range or service and when it will launch instead of just an e-mail or Facebook/ Twitter post informing people of the new product.

The bottom line

If you are creative and use this powerful tool correctly, you have the ability to walk away with a very low cost advert or campaign that can be seen by millions in your core audience.

Snapchat Discover is going to keep creating win-win-win situations for users, brands, and media channels. Snapchat users get a non-invasive ad product (if you don’t like it, swipe right!) that leaves the social of Snapchat untouched; brands get a new and exciting rich ad format; and media channels get to own a piece of the platform and strike advertising deals directly with brands.

I certainly think Snapchat Discover won’t just be a place to see new stories, but also a dynamic platform on which brands can discover their advertising potential.


Author: Stephen Young

I am a 4th Bachelor of Business Honours student studying in the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown.

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